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Your Halloween Netflix List 2k18

October 26, 2018

PSA: If you’re considering dressing as Kanye West wearing a MAGA hat in blackface for Halloween, do yourself a favor and DON’T.


In the spirit of Halloween I’ve crafted a list of my top 10 Netflix horror movies. Tis the spooky season people, hardly any of my friends like horror movies and I say y'all gotta move past that. Embrace the jitters. Now a few things about this list; I’m all for monsters, ghosts, and demons, but I don’t do human on human torture or body modification as the main premise of the movie eg Human Centipede, Tusk, etc.


People do actually get abducted and tortured, gives me the creeps. I guess you could argue that the other stuff happens too but it’s all hocus pocus until I see otherwise. Now the thing about these movies isn't that they're necessarily wild scary, but that I think they're good movies (or shows) with solid plots, character development, and or compelling writing in addition to the scary. Here's the list in no particular order.


  1. Haunting of Hill House (series, ghosts)

  2. The Wailing (foreign film, witchcraft)

  3. Train to Busan (foreign film, zombies)

  4. A Dark Song (foreign film, witchcraft)

  5. The Devil’s Candy (demon)

  6. American Horror Story (series, a bit of everything)

  7. Creep (serial killer)

  8. Ravenous (foreign film, zombies)

  9. The Open House (serial killer)

  10. I Remember You (foreign film, ghosts)


Some honorable mentions include Lodgers, Malevolent, Apostle, The Ritual, and 1922.


AND YES, IT'S ALL NETFLIX. All that Hulu, Prime Video, on demand, whatever, it's for bums and bozos. Step up. 


The greatest horror movie anywhere of 2018 was, of course, Hereditary. Also, the only horror movie that ever really got to me, like GOT TO ME got to me, was Strangers. I’ma just spoil it because I’m disrespectful but essentially it’s a home invasion by these people in masks. They kill the whole family and at the end moms is like “why are you doing this to us?!” and they’re just like “because you were home”. SHOOK.


Happy watching.


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