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January 16, 2018

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November 5, 2018

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Shitholes, Scapegoats, and Strawmen

January 16, 2018

Conservatives or people who just don’t know better are doing this strawman argument thing they’re so good at with this whole shithole countries scenario so let’s set the record straight. “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” is really just “why are we having all these Haitians and Africans come here?”, as if a country's condition is indicative of the worth of its people. To suggest this in the face of facts and history that indicate these immigrants in particular have provided nothing short of greatness for our country is yet another stunning display of I really don’t understand what's going on by Don.


Any self respecting patriot understands the history behind immigration to this country from those less fortunate and likewise would hopefully know the immeasurable contributions immigrants, especially from poorer, browner countries, have provided this country in the form of educators, medical practitioners, politicians, lawyers, business owners, consumers, military servicemen, and so on. To speak frankly about the issues these nations face is not in itself the problem, it is the disparagement of their people when they have proven to be some of this nation’s and the world’s greatest, that’s where this discourse really is. Let’s keep the focus there.


To then add to his statement by inferring that we should have more immigrants from places like Norway, as if not to understand that Norway, like most Scandinavian countries, completely outclasses the US by ranking the world’s highest in happiness, political and press freedom, as well as prosperity. Not to mention maintaining a higher GDP per capita, higher life expectancy, and lower infant mortality rates. The evidence that Norway has been truly investing its people for the past 6 decades is clear; there are no compelling reasons for Norwegians to live in the US.


That sentiment is confirmed not only by the actual immigration numbers, but by Norway’s response to Don’s alleged comments. Norwegians, being from a high tax, universal healthcare, free education, Socialist nightmare of a country don’t have much ideologically in common with the US either, at least not with our Conservatives. There’s just as little rationale behind Don’s comment as there is reason for it. For somebody who spends as much time proclaiming he’s not racist as Don does, it’s only natural there be an almost comical amount of evidence to the contrary.


Whether or not Don actually said those things pretty much everyone, Left of Right, already believes he did. All the trash quoted out of this man and you’re telling me you can’t picture this coming out of his mouth? Get a grip. The irony is the US and other powerful nations set these countries up to be shitholes, while we, with all our power and potential, choose to be one as countries like Norway continue to laugh in our faces. Once again, Don has simplified what’s really a complex and storied issue, neglecting the colonization, political and economic disruption, and racism behind why these countries are in these positions in the first place.


That feels extra compelling today, on this most cherished of holidays, MLK day, where previous Presidents have spent their time volunteering, Don is playing golf.But hey, at least he signed that bill designating MLK’s birth place a national historic park. He and the rest of the GOP knuckleheads have continuously professed their adoration and respect for Dr. King while simultaneously misunderstanding and thereby standing against the spirit of what he stood for. Just ask Kaepernick.


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