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November 5, 2018

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Review: Trump's Presidency, First Year

December 13, 2017

It's been a little over a year, feels like forever though. I've compiled a fairly substantial list of Trump's major promises and proposals stretching back to his campaign. From there I've determined whether of not he's delivered, failed to deliver, or somewhere in between.


But before we get to promises and policy of substance, let's take a moment to reflect on my favorite collection of facts.


Personal and or Unintentional Losses


1. Trash the US' international posture

- Pew's latest research poll of 37 countries put Don's international approval at a wild median of 22% all kinds of way down from Obama's 64%. The stats are abysmal.

2. Set record low approval ratings

- Holding steady in the low 30s

3. Trash the dignity of the Oval Office

4. Lose the GOP a stream of local, state, and federal elections to Democrats

5. Spiral the GOP into chaos and infighting

6. Start national and global Twitter beefs that arguably put the US' security at risk

7. Play more golf than three of your predecessors even though you said you'd play no golf

8. Absolutely smash the Secret Service's budget travelling to said golf courses and other places

9. Claim to be everyone's president but put in the whitest, malest, richest, most unqualified, cabinet in decades

- Several resignations, firings, and vacancies. 85% white, 75% male, several billion in total net-worth. A true reflection of the american people.

10. Have everything you want to do hampered by an ongoing investigation into whether or not you colluded with Russia and then have too much pride to not keep unintentionally incriminating yourself by having no filter and THEN making your staff look foolish trying to cover your ass everyday on national television.


National and Global Security/Foreign Affairs


1. Travel Ban: Delivered

- After 2 versions in the trash, the Supreme Court voted December 4th to allow the third version of the ban to go into full effect.

2. Border Wall: Not Delivered

- Prototypes are under review, funding is still highly unlikely to be secured.

3. Make Mexico Pay for the Wall: Not Delivered

- Enrique played that "ImNotPayingForThatFuckingWall.mp3"

4. Increase in Deportations: Delivered-ish

- Less people are attempting to cross the border, likely due to Trump's vitriol, but there has been no significant change in policy.

5. Cancel Iran Nuclear Deal: Not Delivered

- Verbally disavowed, but ultimately stopped from undoing the policy because of predicted obvious and unacceptable consequences

6. Negotiate a better Nuclear Deal: Not Delivered

7. Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, move US embassy: Delivered

- Troublesome to everybody except Netanyahu, consequences pending.

8. Destroy ISIS: Delivery in progress

- Much progress has been made since Don has given more freedom to the Pentagon in carrying out military campaigns, having pulled back much of Obama's enforced rules of engagement. Outside of this, no major strategy changes have been implemented.

10. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement: Delivered



This is admittedly Don's most promising area but keep in mind not a single significant piece of economic legislation has been passed. At this point, the economy isn't really his nor is it still Obama's. The question for me is, without legislation passed how much of what's happening in the economy, positive or negative, can be attributed to Trump and how much is simply maintained by underlying economic policy?


1. Tax Reform: Not Delivered

-Predicted to absolutely crush the middle class and give massive tax cuts to the rich by virtually every credible economic source out there.

2. Be the "Greatest Jobs President Ever": Not Delivered. Job growth is consistent with growth trends over the past several years

- Wage growth is stagnant, retail consumption is down, consumer confidence is up, stock market is up (the stock market has no impact on national debt, despite what Don says). Target growth was 3%, the economy is growing at just under 2.5%. 

3. Reduce the National Debt: Delivered-ish

- National Debt is down over 100bn, but how much this has to do with the debt ceiling versus Don's executive orders is a mystery. Again, no economic policy has passed.

4. Withdrawal from TPP: Delivered

5. Negotiate a better deal than TPP: Not Delivered

- How Don plans to negotiate better terms than 4 previous presidents, especially after essentially ruining US' international image, is beyond me. He can't even negotiate domestic policy successfully.

6. Infrastructure Investment: Not Delivered


Check Forbes and MarketWatch for my facts.

Domestic Policy


1. "For every 1 new regulation created, 2 must be removed": Not Delivered

2. Lock Hillary Clinton up: Not Delivered

3. Conservative Judge in the Supreme Court: Delivered

- Justice Neil Gorsuch will prove to be one of the Supreme Court's most divisive, almost certainly in the Right's favor

4. Repeal&Replace the Affordable Care Act: Not Delivered

- Y'all saw the news. A total disaster.

5. Increase coal production: Delivered

- Coal production is up nearly 8%

6. Approve Keystone & Dakota Pipelines: Delivered

- Against the will of pretty much everyone and mother nature herself the pipelines were approved and then ended up leaking 210,000 gallons of oil into the land.

7. Survive sexual misconduct allegations: Delivered

8. Negotiate so well that you bring Democrats and minorities across the isle: Not Delivered

- Little known fact, this was actually a joke.

9. End DACA: Not Delivered




There's a ton of stuff I could put on here but pulling from campaign promises, his own Tweets, and dare I say it, the news, the above list is pretty much everything I found notable. He said that the world was laughing at us under Obama but the world is laughing at us right now. 9 of 25 things listed here have been delivered, are in the process of delivery, or responsibility of delivery is ambiguous. Regarding those deliveries, half of them are loaded with controversy and face substantial resistance domestically and abroad. That resistance doesn't really seem to stem from a place of law or policy, but right and wrong. Don's presidency is a joke, but a year later the country still hasn't collapsed into chaos and the international order is intact. 







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