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Why criticizing people who vote is annoying

November 5, 2018

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On The Good Fight

November 9, 2017

Ever have someone tell you they wished they lived in the 60s and you're like "first of all, I’m black”? I mean yeah, same, I'm good right here but I also don’t look back at black people in the 60s, or any other time previous, in awe and wonder “man, how did they do it?” They survived, often thrived, many of them to become fully functional, otherwise normal, beneficial members of society despite the circumstances. I mean, what other choice did they have? You fight the good fight to survive, to advance, to progress. History has shown that activism is not a walk in the park. It’s not a witty Facebook status, Twitter hashtag type of endeavor. You’re on the clock every day, this is a JOB. If it’s not one of the most difficult jobs you’ve ever had you’re not doing it right. You already know what time it is man, either you’re about the business or you’re not. If you can get big online but can’t handle these white people in real time without falling apart you’re a commentator, not an activist. You might know what you’re talking about, but you got no business representing others or commanding any authority in the fight. It is day in and day out handling these white people, not how you want to, but however best supports what your community needs.

There is no such thing as a backseat activist, when you sign up for this you are putting yourself in a leadership role. Keep in mind that the strength of your character is forged in the fires of adversity. Everybody wants to be an activist but then they wanna crumble when they have to get down to it. I’m not saying don’t take care of yourself, but there is a baseline level of stress that you will have endure to live in this country and that bar is inherently higher for minorities. How can you even think about being an activist if you can’t even handle the reality of the situation? How can you fight for your rights or fight for others if you can’t even exist solidly at the baseline? It’s not a badge, it’s a job. Ain’t no half way commitment. Fighting for your people, being a leader in this space requires you to have a handle on your own life because it’s not just you, it’s the people who you’re representing who have to pay the price of you not knowing what’s going on. That time is a luxury some people can't afford.


Again, history has made it clear that progress will be slow and measured. Failure is all but guaranteed, there will be consequences to your actions internally and externally, push back, discourse, and for all of this you will have to be held accountable. And when shit goes wrong, sometimes it’s not other people, sometimes it’s not a health issue, sometimes there's no excuse; sometimes it’s your own fault and sometimes you’re just being soft. It doesn't matter how conscious society becomes about self care, there will always be times where you need to suck it up, tough it out, and keep it moving without needing a fucking break. Those are the basics, that is the bare minimum level of mental fortitude needed to do any of this effectively and if that’s out of your range then...what are you really doing?


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